March 2012

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE)
OFE hired Lewis Kelly Communications to assist with a special section of its website.  The Resources for Providers section needed organization, editing and design work.  LKC took a huge volume of information, most of which was offline, and turned it into a well organized, user-friendly "mini" website.

The Martha Cardona Theater
After designing this NYC opera company's first website, LKC was hired for a second time to redesign the site, reflecting additional programs and more detailed information about the company's performances and history.
LKC designed (and currently maintains) this actress's website, showcasing her work in films, on stage and as a playwright/director.

The Heights Players
LKC has many ties to this theater company, including acting as volunteer Director of Publicity.  As such, LKC maintains the Heights Players website (originally designed by LKC), along with writing press releases, conducting press outreach, among other duties.

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