"In hiring Jill ... I was pleasantly surprised at how well she familiarized herself with the substantive side of her job, overseeing the writing and production of The Challenge for the U.S. Department of Education. Having no previous experience in the drug prevention policy arena, Jill quickly became articulate by reading and participating in conferences. Her articles in The Challenge demonstrate an expert grasp of the issues. I had anticipated that ACDE would be subcontracting with writers and leave the design aspect to Jill. This was not the case, as Jill proved to be both an excellent designer and writer."

Martha Gagne, DARE/ONDCP, February 1999

"I am a health teacher in Westport, CT, and my 9th graders are researching using your website (www.acde.org). It is BY FAR one of the most impressive sites. It is informative, gets their attention and very well organized."

Nancy Haff, Greens Farms Academy, September 1999

"I received the Liaison with your wonderful profile! Thank you so much. I'm amazed that in spite of my rambling you were able to piece together such a thoughtful article. I'm sure your article sparked the interest of many book-sellers and I know how much that has meant to the success of my book. Thank you for helping The Joy Luck Club become a Bay Area bestseller."

Amy Tan. Author, April 1989


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